A new pelotini

11 05 2012

I’ve never been one for group rides.

My road rides tend to be solo outings, or perhaps with one or two newly minted riding buddies. No pressure to learn the group dynamics. No testosterone-fueled pace to maintain when all you want to do is stretch the legs and enjoy the sunshine..

But when a long-dormant discussion about riding routes from New West on a cycling forum I frequent was resurrected by a post announcing a new weekly group ride from the waterfront, I was intrigued. It might be a way to learn some new routes, meet some new roadies. There was a vague promise of snacks and camaraderie. And if things got too competitive for my taste, I’d just go back to my old solo routine.

I missed the inaugural Fraser River Fuggitivi as our road hockey season wound down.

Finding new routes, and new riding friends, is what group riding is all about.

The second week promised a climber’s route of about 60 kms. This past week was a flat burn out to YVR and back that introduced me to a new destination.

So far the group is more pelotini than peloton, but everyone is of a similar age and mind, just riding for the fun and fitness of it. No sprints to the next stop sign. No en masse blowing of traffic signs. And a snack break at a coffee shop somewhere along the route.



One response

13 05 2012

…followed the link back just now. Nicely done with the picture!

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