Lunch prescription

1 06 2012

One of the best parts of cycling is the eating.

I always seem to eat better when I’m on the bike. And it’s not just because my body craves healthier, more substantial food to fuel the rest of my ride.

Being on the bike just seems to open new lunch and snack possibilities, leading me to explore little bistros, delis, bakeries and lunch counters I’d otherwise pass right on by. Mix Bakery, The Gallery Bistro, the Musette Caffé, the little deli in Horseshoe Bay, Chez Meme Baguette Bistro and the Lunch Doctor have all become favourite lunch stops during rides.

Well, the last one wasn’t actually a cycling discovery; the Lunch Doctor was the first place I had lunch on my first day working at the paper after moving west. A colleague, assigned to show me around, took me there, said the sandwiches were the best.

He was right, simple sandwiches heaped with deli meats or tuna salad and an array of fresh vegetables on fresh-baked breads or rolls, served with a sweet dill pickle. And you paid after you ate.

The tuna salad sandwich at the Lunch Doctor tastes as good as it looks.

Years later, they’re still in business, the sandwiches are as fresh, tasty and huge as ever. And you still pay after you eat.

The cyclist’s requirements for a good lunch stop are pretty basic; fresh, healthy food, some outdoor seating, a place to lean the bike nearby (no self-respecting roadie carries a big lock, so we’ve got to be close to our steeds at all times), a good selection of beverages and a clean washroom. It’s rare you’ll ever see a road bike leaned outside a McDonalds.



One response

7 06 2012
Jay Hui

Hi Mario, looks good, long time no see.. I hope things are great up there. Riding to work still for me and doing some rides when not out paddling or hiking or skiing or whatever… I am trying to find out the company we used for our bike tour to the TdF, a friend of mine here is somewhat interested in learning about it… I have the shirt still and stuff at home but figure I might be able to track you down somewhere… And here I am. Hope all is well. I still have and occasionally ride the ’97 Lemond Zurich I did the Tour with you, it’s still rolling and just got a new rear tire for it..

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