Junuary blues

8 06 2012

Rain. Cold. Repeat.

Welcome to Junuary.

June weather in these parts usually isn’t great. But this year, June has so far been craptastic. Eight days in and we’ve yet to achieve a warm, sunny day. In fact, I’ve yet to wear my shorts on a ride. It’s still knickers and arm warmers’ weather. Booties in June is just… wrong.

Bundling up to ride under grey skies and the constant threat of rain just isn’t too motivating.

It’s especially frustrating as I’d built up some good mileage momentum towards the end of May; in fact, it ended up being one of my best Mays ever.

Grey skies and cold temperatures on last Sunday’s group ride.

But a month out from the Axel Merckx Gran Fondo, and I’ve only done one ride in June.

Not cool. Because it’s just too damn cool.