River runs deep

20 06 2012

How can you tell it’s summer solstice in the YVR?

The cloud deck sweeping in from the west, making for a gloomy dusk might be a clue. Or maybe the knickers I’m STILL wearing.

In fact, I’ve yet to wear my bike shorts this year; it should make for an interesting tan situation when the weather finally does warm up and I get to banish the knickers to the closet until fall.

Sparing the world my pasty white legs. For now.

The relentless rains of Junuary have also raised the waters of the Fraser River. Huge white sandbags are on standby in our riverfront neighbourhood, mostly hidden from view though so as not to panic residents.

The high water also caused a minor inconvenience to my solstice ride; an underpass I needed to access to begin my homeward journey from the airport was flooded out due to its proximity to the rising river.

Water hazard ahead.

So solstice happened; the summer part we’re still waiting for.