When riding is like a game show

27 06 2012

So far this cycling season has been like a gameshow, Beat The Rain.

Ride today because it will likely rain tomorrow. Leave early because it’s forecast to rain later. And hope you timed it right and don’t get wet.

Every time you head out, it’s like spinning the Wheel of Fortune and hoping the weather doesn’t put your ride in Jeopardy.

Giebelhaus discovers the Truth that sudden moves on the road bike can have Consequences.

The day may start dry, but It’s Anybody’s Guess if it will stay that way. If it does, you know It’s Your Chance of a Lifetime.

With bad weather always looming, it takes all your Concentration to stay on course and on time. A lingering pit stop can set off a Chain Reaction that ends up getting you wet. Damp roads can be your Downfall, leading to a Wipeout. A bad fall could result in a Knockout. Every Second Counts.

Luckily I didn’t dawdle too long at the Jimi Hendrix Shrine.

Will we ever get summer? That’s the $64,000 Question.