The old man is snoring

2 07 2012

This is getting ridiculous.

It’s the last day of the Canada Day holiday weekend and it has rained every day. Plans for a group ride with plenty of climbing have been washed out. Again.

It feels like the summer is slipping away without ever getting started.

Even the Laughing Men sculptures are feeling put upon by all the rain.

Between work and other daily obligations, there are limited opportunities to ride. It’s a struggle all recreational cyclists face.

A good season is when we’re able to make the most of those opportunities.

And, as much as we don’t like to concede we’re fair-weather riders, the weather plays a big role in that.

Kitting up in multiple layers, topped by a rain jacket, pulling booties over shoes and squinting into the mist isn’t my idea of fun. Even heading out into persistently grey skies gets to be a bit wearisome week after week.

Being out in the sunshine for hours on end, revelling in the warmth and bright blue sky is one of the great pleasures of our sport.

Riding in rain and gloom feels more like work. Cleaning the bike for an hour after a rainy ride is definitely work. Frankly, when it’s my day off from work, the last thing I feel like doing is… work.

It’s July and the only tan I have on my legs is the little patch between the bottom of my knickers and the top of my socks. And that basically happened from one ride on a day when the sun actually made an appearance.



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2 07 2012
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