Rewarding rides

25 07 2012

I love the calorie counter function on my Garmin.

While the other readings like distance, speed, time and elevation tell you what you have done, the calorie counter tells you what you CAN do. Which, as every cyclist knows, usually involves a reward of some sort of indulgent food or beverage.

Mmmm, chocolate/raspberry and grapefruit sorbetto…

Presumably the little computer that is perched on the stem of my Lapierre uses some kind of algorithm based upon the weight and height data I input when I first set it up to calculate an approximation of the energy I’ve expended based upon the ride data.

Mid-ride rewards, aka lunch, are allowed.

I’ve no idea how accurate it is.

But when the Garmin tells me I’ve used 4100 calories on a 130 km ride, that’s good enough for me to raid the refrigerator. Guilt free!

After a long hot day on the bike, nothing’s better.

The ultimate in post-ride satisfaction?