Pimp my rides

30 07 2012

I’m a mileage whore.

Especially in July, when I’m all about the digits.

July is all about the digits, and that means some rides are done solely to achieve the desired digits.

That’s because, for the past several years, my goal for the month has been 1000 kms. The days are long, so evening road rides are possible. The weather is (mostly) good. There’s plenty of motivation from watching the Tour de France every morning. And a week or two off dedicated to cycling certainly helps as well.

My best July was ’08, when I pedalled 1,600 kms, the second of four consecutive 1000 km months. I rode on 17 of 31 days, 11 rides of which were longer than 100 kms

The following year, though, I fell short. I can’t remember why.

This year, I may hit 16 rides by the time July ends on Tuesday, and my mileage may just crack 1,200. Only three rides have been greater than 100 kms.

It seems it’s just getting harder to spend vast stretches of time on the bike.

Life takes up more time. And the ever-increasing volumes of traffic shrink the window I’m willing to be on the bike in traffic; during the weekday rides, I try to leave after the morning rush and be home before the afternoon rush begins.

Some cyclists say it’s the quality of miles and hours on the bike that matter more than distance. July’s 45+ hours on the bike included more than 10,600 meters of climbing.