By the light of the silvery moon

1 08 2012

And so begins the long, gradual descent to fall.

Oh sure, there will still be warm days in August, even September. But the evenings are getting shorter, the shadows longer. A 60 km ride after dinner must now be a 55 km ride, unless you want to risk finishing in darkness.

Fall is nigh; the evening shadows are getting longer.

Which is exactly what I needed to do on Tuesday to achieve 1,200 kms for July.

Knowing it would be a tight squeeze, I set out on a speedy, pan-flat route out to the airport, a shameless play for the digits. But a simple out and back wouldn’t be enough. Even an added loop to the terminal would leave me short, as I did some quick calculations on the road.

So as dusk transformed to darkness, I put my faith in the bright fluorescent green jersey from Belgium I was wearing and the full moon glowing ever brighter in the sky aboveto keep me visible and safe to add another quick 2 km extension beyond home. I hoped it would be enough.

The ultimate night light.

It was, by one km.

And bonus, the ride also put me over 3,000 kms for the year so far.