Tumbleweed blowing across the blog…

10 09 2012

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet on The Big Ring. Here’s why:

The Little Ring is already gearing up for his cycling career.

But the leg muscles are twitching. And Princess of Pavement and I are getting a little more used to having a new human in our midst. So a return to the trails and pavement is keenly anticipated. After all, I’ve got to stay in shape for the little guy.



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16 09 2012
W Grant Fleming

Little Ring would’ve been proud of us the other day. While driving through the Sierra de las Nieves, en route back to Coin (from Sevilla), we drafted for a young rider, down steep switchbacks. He smiled and waved as we parted company at a roundabout in the cliff-side town of Yunquera.

1 01 2013
The turn of the pedals «

[…] that quickly changed just over a week in when Princess of Pavement and I discovered Little Ring would be joining us sometime around September.  Suddenly life got a whole lot busier. Especially […]

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