Hurts so good

6 02 2013

The primary requirement for the first rides of the season is flatness. As in “a pancake.” As in a totally level horizon. As in no climbing more arduous than an overpass.
The first rides should be like riding the Tour of Qatar but with booties on. And no camels along the side of the road.
So when Guy of FR Fuggitivi suggested a route for a February ride that included a moderate ascent from the board-flat shore of the Fraser River to the summit of the border between Vancouver and Burnaby, I was dubious. Guy is a mountain goat. He burns up the slopes. He has a number of KOM symbols on his Strava page.

The first climb of the year is always tough, no matter how modest.

The first climb of the year is always tough, no matter how modest.

Now come July, a climb like this would be welcome, relished even.
But in the middle of winter, the legs just want to spin, bliss out on the bike, get the blood flowing again.
As we zipped along the banks of the river, I tried not to think of the climb ahead. But as the Lapierre and I got reacquainted I found myself looking forward to it. Sure the legs would burn, the lungs heave, but it will hurt so good. And the reward would come a little further east, with a speedy, curvy descent back to the “flats.”
The Big Ring is back.



One response

8 03 2013
carla vendrame

You don’t know me but I went to school with your wife Katie. I just thought I would write you with a lapierre feel good story. My boyfriend (Irish Lenny) had his beloved Lapierre stolen from my car in South Burnaby last September. His heart was broken as he had this bike shipped here from Ireland and as he always told me, “it is the only thing of value in my life…. oh.. ya.. except for you” I began looking on craiglist every day for that bike as it is a pretty rare make in these parts. Earlier this week, 6 months later, I found it on craigslist at a pawn shop in Surrey. Long story short, he had to pay the pawn dealer $300 (what they paid the scum that stole it), which hurt a little but a drop in the bucket compared to what it was worth both financially and sentimentally. So good prevails over evil sometimes, and there is one more Lapierre in these beautiful parts!

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