Come fly with me

23 03 2013

Every year there are milestone rides. The earliest. The longest. The hardest. The most climbing. The fastest. Crossing various mileage thresholds.

Already this young season I’ve managed a few.

Earliest climb up and over Burnaby Mountain, on March 8.

Yesterday’s adventure in the cold, rain, snow and sleet also turned out to be a milestone, as I crossed 40,000 total kilometres since I first started logging my rides nine years ago. While that may not seem so much compared to some cyclists, it is about 16,000 kms more than my mom has accumulated on her car since she bought it nine years ago!

Today the sun we were promised Friday finally emerged. So to right the wrong that had been so cruelly inflicted upon us by the weather gods, I managed to squeeze in a quick (well, not as quick as it will be in July) spin out to the airport and back.

Blues skies mean another ride!

Blues skies mean another ride!

And achieve another milestone; first back-to-back riding days of the season.



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