The gods must be crazy

2 07 2013

Sometimes it seems the ride gods just like to mess with you.

Last Tuesday evening I headed out for a quick 60km flat ride. About a quarter of the way in, I heard an explosion beneath me. I thought my wheel had collapsed, the coup de gras from a minor collision I had on one of our Sunday group rides a couple of weeks ago that left a small wobble in my rear wheel.

I looked down expecting to see mangled spokes, a crushed rim.

But all I had was a simple pinch flat. Albeit an explosive one.

Waylayed by a pinch flat.

Waylayed by a pinch flat.

Changed the tube and was on my way in about 10 minutes.

But the impetus to complete that 60km was gone. I took the first turn-around that got me home after 36km.

Fast forward to Friday, and Princess of Pavement and I have meticulously planned another of our “tag-team Fridays” where I load the Lapierre onto the roof rack and Little Ring into his car seat, we head out to UBC where P of P can do her run as LR and I frolic on the beach After meeting at our favourite bakery for lunch, I then ride home while P of P and LR drive home. It’s a good day out.

Tag, you're it!

Tag, you’re it!

But alas, the ride gods were not of the same mind. Because a quick check of my rear tire as I unloaded Little Ring at the beach revealed it was again flat. This time, there was a big gash in the sidewall of my Continental GP4000s. Ugh, and a little suspicious.

Hmmm, a suspicious gash in the sidewall of my rear tire.

Hmmm, a suspicious gash in the sidewall of my rear tire.

So, after lunch, we all drove home and I headed to the bike shop to get new tires (after all, they have to match).

So by my count that’s three ride-messing interventions by the ride gods.

That’s enough for this season. Thanks.