Break on through

9 11 2013

Suddenly, it’s November.

Well, it is if you happen to set your calendar by this blog.

Yeah, the Big Ring has been a little quiet.

Life has a way of happening. And when it does, it conspires against riding.

September was unusually wet.

October was dark.

The end of the regular riding season is precipitous. They you are in late August; a few thousand kilometres or more in your legs, you’re at the peak of your fitness. Conversations carry on even as the road steepens up. The calories consumed at a snack break disappear around the coming bend.

Then September hits. The leaves start falling, the days shorten, things need to get done. Riding time dwindles from three or four a week to but one, preferably on the flats.

By October, winter sloth is beginning to take hold. Riding is the exception, rather than the rule. Vows to stay fit and active have a way of succumbing to the inertia of television. Excuses are abundant; it’s too wet, it’s too cold, it’s too dark, it’s too cloudy, I’m too tired, there’s a hockey game on TV….

The leaves are all but gone, but a good November sky beckons.

The leaves are all but gone, but a good November sky beckons.

Surprisingly, though, the quick demise of the season didn’t have a huge impact on my overall mileage. Nor did the arrival of Little Ring.

Thanks to some good weather through the summer, the FR Fuggitivi riding group, and a supportive Princess of Pavement, I was on the bike as much as last year.

The colours are worth a cool a fall ride.

The colours are worth a cool a fall ride.

There was no Fondo, and only one ride exceeded 100 kms. But there were plenty in the 80 km range at a good pace and a good amount of climbing. Sometimes it is quality over quantity.

Next season will be a test.

Guy, of FRF, says the first year with a new child is a bit of a “honeymoon period.” Mom is on maternity leave, the kid is not yet involved in extracurricular activities. It’s all pretty low maintenance.

As the season ends, Little Ring is more active, he wants to get out, go to the park to fly on the swings, he naps only once a day. By the time the season starts in earnest, he’ll be walking. And hopefully, scooting on his own balance bike.



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