Cycling for passion, not fashion

1 06 2015

Not every roadie is a fashion victim.

Yes, most of us covet the latest wicking micro-fibre jersey, the most comfortable, shock-absorbing shorts. All the better if they’re color-cordinated, even down to the socks.

Shoes are bling. Black is passé; white is the new black. Although, ironically, white quickly becomes black as the grime of the road takes its toll.

Helmets have also become a fashion statement, with manufacturers like POC pushing the design envelope while keeping our heads safe. Wearing a helmet from a boutique company is like belonging to a secret society, being in the “know.”

And then there’s Grant.

Grant (fifth from the left) isn't a curmudgeon when it comes to cycling fashion. He just prefers comfort over Lycra.

Grant (fifth from the left) isn’t a curmudgeon when it comes to cycling fashion. He just prefers comfort over Lycra.

A longtime buddy and work colleague, Grant has been riding his own path for a while.

He started chugging on a heavy hybrid, occasionally making his way into work astride its bulky steel frame.

Then, as he started riding more for recreation, he bought a nifty orange ‘cross bike.

As his leisure rides got longer and longer, his cycling goals more ambitious, he started to see the potential in a sleek, light, road bike. So last year, Grant treated himself to a very fine BMC.

But even as his cycling has progressed, he continues to thumb his nose at the cycling fashionistas.

Grant rides for comfort, not to impress. No Lycra for him, just a t-shirt and hiking shorts. And the pedals on his BMC are old-school flat, no snazzy clips to bind him to carbon-soled shoes; sneakers will suffice.

And it works for him.

He’s a strong rider, even if he’s not the most aero.

Chapeau Grant. A tip of the cycling cap.

Oh yeah, you don’t own one.



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