Blame it on the rain…

12 03 2016

Forecasting the weather has always been a bit of an inexact science.

Unless the forecast never changes. Then it’s just monotony.

For 18 days in a row, the meteorologists have been doing their best impression of a broken record. Rain every day. Repeat.

Sometimes it rains in the morning. Sometimes in the afternoon, or not until evening.

So getting out for a ride means finding that magic seam between oncoming weather fronts, when it hasn’t rained long enough to allow the roads to dry, and there’s enough time before the next cloud burst to squeeze in a worthwhile effort.

The hourly forecast on is a good barometer. But it isn’t always accurate.

This afternoon I set out with a two-hour window of dryness. So my ambitions were modest, a quick, flat 40 km spin to at least give me a chance of reaching 100 km for the week.

The clouds were already ominous even as I departed for my ride Saturday.

The clouds were already ominous even as I departed for my ride Saturday.

The showers started halfway in, an hour sooner than they had been forecast. On the horizon, a wispy curtain of grey virga descended from thick black clouds; more was on its way.

I’m not opposed to riding in the rain. But I can think of a thousand things I’d rather do than acquire a streak of wet road muck up my backside.

The initial shower devolved to spits of moisture, then regained vigour as the breeze shifted.

By the time I was on the home stretch, it was dry again. Long enough to allow me to extend my route for a couple of cheap kilometres to bring the week’s total, over two (fairly dry) rides to 100.2.

Don’t even bother checking the forecast for the next couple of days…



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