By dawn’s early light

12 08 2016

The early bird gets the… waffles

My late push to exceed 1,000 km for the month of July came at a price. I didn’t get back on the bike until the ninth day of August. It was the first time since Christmas I’d gone an entire week or more without at least one ride.

So my legs were fresh for Tuesday’s FRF climbing ride up Burnaby Mountain that even included a little pump track action in the dirt.

In fact, my legs were so well-rested, I signed on for a dawn ride the next morning.

I’m an early-riser; I maintained my 5:30 a.m. wake-up call even when I wasn’t working.

But I like to ease into my day, sort through the garbage emails that hit my In box as I slept, catch up on the overnight news on the internet, maybe find a streaming feed from a European bike race. By the time the rest of the loft awakens an hour or so later, I’m showered, informed and relaxed.

The prospect of being astride the Lapierre by 6 a.m. so we could pedal a solid 65-70 km AND stop for breakfast before everyone’s workday officially began was a little daunting.

It's not yet 6 a.m. and we're already rolling for waffles.

It’s not yet 6 a.m. and we’re already rolling for waffles.

It’s incredible how busy the world already is that early. The bus stop outside our condo building already had a queue. Trucks were rumbling along in the dawn gloom. Flaggers were putting out barriers for some road maintenance project. The sidewalks were bustling with dog walkers, none of them looking particularly pleased about their pooch’s preferred bowel habits.

The air hadn’t yet had a chance to be warmed by the sun, which was ducking in and out of a morning cloud cover, so the arm warmers stayed rolled up.

Morning over the Burrard Inlet.

Morning over the Burrard Inlet.

Five intrepid FRFers reported for this mid-week dawn patrol. The pace was determined, singular in its determination to reach our destination, Café Orso in Deep Cover, with plenty of time to enjoy their sweet Liege waffles, sprinkled with icing sugar, swimming with fresh strawberries.

FRF early risers.

FRF early risers.


The ride IS worth the reward!

The ride IS worth the reward!

The calories we consumed probably exceeded those we expended to get there and back. But it didn’t matter. It wasn’t even 8 a.m. yet and we’d have to quicken our return pace if everyone was to get to work on time; we’d earned our 15 minutes of breakfast debauchery!