In praise of the Perfekt Deli sandwich

6 08 2018

I’m not very good at riding solo.

Which is ironic because, for the longest time, it was the only way I rolled.

Group riding is as much a social occasion as a workout. You drift up and down the peloton having various conversations, and there’s always a snack stop. It’s a priority.

But when I ride alone, I do just that: ride.

The conversations are in my head, and I’m so focused on the rhythm and momentum of my ride, I inevitably keep putting off the snack stop. I can’t make up my mind what I’m craving to eat. I don’t know where to stop. The snack stop options aren’t appealing. I don’t want to spend money. I’ll be home in time for a late lunch anyway. I don’t want to stop pedalling.

Sunday, a family barbecue was scheduled in Chilliwack, about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from home.

I decided I would ride there, about 115 kms.

I mapped out a route, targeted a couple of possible places I could seek out lunch.

For the first half of the route, I was accompanied by fellow FRFer, Maxwell Oakes, who wanted to scout a possible itinerary for our club’s annual Fondont. 


Of course, when riding with Maxwell Oakes, there must be gravel!


What to do when approaching horses? Apparently you have to yell your intentions from about a kilometre away.

It was a perfect riding day, not too hot.

After a couple of detours to explore some gravel trails because, well, there must be gravel when riding with Maxwell Oakes, we went our separate ways.

I quickly got into my zone, turning the pedals at a nice, steady cadence. The route was flat, the traffic light, I was making good time.

One lunch option passed by.

A second would have meant a slight detour off my route. Instead, I kept riding.

But as I approached 100km, my energy was waning, my spirits flagging. And with a summit finish up the side of a mountain to a suburban enclave looming, I needed a boost.

And then, in the small hamlet of Yarrow, I happened upon a small deli, Perfekt Deli, and it was open! So I poked through the long weekend Sunday traffic heading to a popular recreational lake just up the road and peeled up to their front door.

And it was, indeed, perfect.

A good, simple deli sandwich can be elusive. Everyone wants to serve you a grilled panini, which is basically a cop out to keep using their stale bread. Or the sandwich options are heaped with needless accoutrements so they can justify charging you $12.


The Perfekt Deli sandwich. So simple. So perfect.

Give me a mound of cold deli ham, a selection of thinly-cut fresh veggies and tangy mustard between two slices of fresh, spongy brown bread or a kaiser bun, plus a drink and change for a $10 bill and I’m happy.

That’s exactly what Perfekt Deli was offering. It was so simple, yet so delicious. The ham so cool. The veggies so crisp. I savoured every bite. Each washed down with a chilled Coke in a small, sweating glass bottle. 


Not a welcome incline at km 110.

It was exactly what I needed to get back on the road and up Promontory Heights.


But there’s cold beer at the top!



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