A winter’s tale

22 02 2018



The Norco gets its first snow ride.


A ride in the cold is just that.

A ride in the cold and snow is sublime.

It’s almost March and whaddaya know, we’ve got snow. So, we might as well go for a ride.

This was the Norco’s first adventure on snowy, frozen trails, and it was a good time. It was only a couple of inches, but the blanket of white silenced the surrounding city and softened the runs over frozen mud puddles and slippery tree roots.



My riding buddy, Dan. He’s still stuck in his mountain bike delusions.


Slick, iced roads kept us on the trails, amongst the trees where the air felt warmer than the frosty chill of open spaces. Up and down hills, we wheeled through a wintry wonderland with only the occasional tread  track indicating other riders were of the same mind.



Dashing through the snow.


An hour and 20 minutes in and the Garmin was well past dead, our toes were frozen, our cheeks chilled. It was time for beer and Olympic hockey.