Summer’s passing

4 08 2010

In July, the summer seems endless.

The daylight seems to go on forever, brightening the sky early in the morning and lingering until almost bedtime. There’s no hurry to squeeze in an evening ride; there’s plenty of time to have dinner, get changed, maybe watch a bit of the six o’clock news and still spin 70 kms before worrying about riding in the darkness.

But there comes a point in the season where you realize summer is quickly fading.

The haze and high overcast softened the sun even sooner this evening.

The sun is lower in the sky sooner. The shadow from your bike stretches for three or four bike lengths. You start to feel the pressure to make it home before the evening gloom; your 70 km ride is suddenly cut short to 60 kms, then 50 kms.

And then, before you know it, it’s fall.

Tonight’s ride was a truncated 54 kms to the edge of UBC, then back along the River Road in Richmond. The high overcast that spread across the sky late in the afternoon softened the sun even sooner than is usual, so the light started to fade fairly fast. Even as I set out, I was keenly aware how long my shadow already was.

There was no time to lose, because I’m losing a little of it with each passing day!